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Outline of Interview May 31, 1970 Vincent Kehoe and Arthur Parker
4-Margaret Mills gives the introduction
5-Mr. Kehoe explains facts about Chelmsford minutemen from his first book and speaks about his second book of the men involved in the Revolution, explains the difficulty in finding records and facts about the men, speaks of Rev. Bridge's visiting Col. Parker's family during the Revolution
66-blank tape
109-Arthur Parker speaks about guns and various equipment such as powder horns
127-Margaret reads a note from Water's History and chats with Arthur who has 600 pieces in his collection, Arthur explains how he disposed of his collection to a New York dealer
135-Mr. Kehoe speaks of his collection of his guns, British only
187-Mr. Kehoe tells Arthur about a particular gun he still owns and they discuss Arthur's house, cows, and children
225-Mr. Kehoe asks if there are any records of Col. Parker at Bunker Hill and his history, also discusses an original commission which they posses
280-are any Parker's buried in our local cemeteries, speak of various burials

End of interview
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