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Outline of Interview Feb 27, 1975 Phyllis Huff
11-arrival in Chelmsford, 1946
24-reason for coming to Chelmsford
43-Chelmsford in 1946 population
67-remembers "Blackies Farm"
86-Chelmsford Center
89-impact of super highways and shopping centers
131-Chelmsford Center not planned for large numbers
136-growth of the town i.e. Brentwood Road, formerly an apple orchard
147-noise pollution
159-treatment of nature
168-tree warden
169-effect of housing oonstruction,destruction of nature
176- group got by-law passed regulating tree cutting
183-became part of overall plan submittal
191-effect of salt on trees lining highways
218-police supervision
221-rapid town growth without parallel growth of facilities
229-school system
236-weak points of school system lacks aesthetic orientation
245-significance of science in learning process
283-Chelmsford Garden Club Junior Garden Club
289-importance of non analytical study of nature aesthetic value of nature as a whole
300-importance of "feeling nature"
302-constant conflict between building cintractors and conservationists
306-Richard Powlecture on Land Trusts affected local group
316-establishment of land trust in Chelmsford near Adams Library,donated to the town
331-Town Forest Committee established
332-Conservation Commission established in 1957
342-influence of League of Women Voters
347-Jack Lambert, State Forester
354-new developments; Chelmsford Farms I 34 to 36 acres
357-Chelmsford Farms II 80 acres
364-conservation areas Concord Road behind Walter Merrill's home
371-access routes were mandatory to town forest areas
373-Ed Russel's role
383-Warren land donation
387-hiking paths
388-Swain Pond area
392-Wright Reservation
398-Crooked Spring Reservation, birdlife and flowers
432-much preserved land in Chelmsford
436-cranberry bogs, Chelmsford-Carlisle line
446-philosophy of land use
453-economics of land use
460-population projections 75,000 will be saturation point
475-tree growth
479-changes in neighborhoods
481-migrant residents
484-Rte. 128 businessmen
488-attraction of school system good roads
495-police department cooperative but inadequate for a town this size
508-comment on complications and complexities of modern life
514-aesthetic value of music
520-same complaints through all generations
527-impact of mass communication on society
547-Town Meeting form of government
557-allows "people power" as evidenced in opposition to cost of new high school
577-function of Town Meeting, forum for expression of public opinion
589-Gresham's Law
599-sentiment to build new Town Hall once widespread
619-objection to present site and size of Town Hall
645-Women's club, Lowell
655-Chelmsford filling up with clubs
664-Chelmsford Garden Club activities
677-Chelmsford Junior Garden Club
684-nature program to utilize the outdoors
716-new residents of Chelmsford, new values
725-increase in the number of children's organizations
727-new "public" orientation of the library, community programs, music collection
739-Lowell College Club
745-American Association of University women
755-new interest in extant organizations
766-influence of college graduate moning into town more action oriented
789-farms of Chelmsford
795-Crystal Lake, possible reasons for delay in refilling it
837-need for water resources-recreation
874-Federated Women's Club, original club for women community oriented, theme is"sponsor and help"
900-effective group
923-Cultural Center of the City
926-membership is a cross section, that is, there are professionals and housewives
950-it is a powerful group
956-thoughts on Women's Liberation recent controversy is economical
970-married women have an obligation to their children

01-feels that women must beware if husband's are in politics
25-League of Women Voters
32-Appeals Board, membership turnover caused by Better Government Group, membership had previously been builders
48-Town officials angered by accomplishment of group
53-accusations of "communism" were thrown around
91-prestige of politics
115-names of Good Government Group Joe Margopian, Shultz, Eppes and more
125-town was run by families quite often in the past i.e., McHughs, Greenwoods
136-Warren Wright
145-philosophy of life
220-opinion of Jane Fonda
228-radicals today

240-born, Old Orchard, Maine
242-private studies
245-Eastman College, Rochester,N.Y.
248-profrssional career
267-made record, "our Native Birds" sales in seventeen foreign countries and every state in the U.S.
304-attraction of entertainment life
306-self supporting at age five
312-conflict between education and entertainment
347-challenge of life

End of interview
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