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Outline of Interview Dec 15, 1967 Ed Russell and William Fulton
00-Introduction of William Fulton and Ed Russell with Margaret Mills
31-they are speaking about various people who lived in the area and things they did together and what people might know about this house
53-they discuss the floor plan of the house and the descriptions of the various rooms
120-discuss the shed that went with the house
132-speak about the position of the house
137-roof style
146-back to inside descriptions
160-discuss the well, outside and the chimney and bricks, torn down 1914
195-Margaret speaks of a Shaker painting of the house
201-discussion of outcropping of rock and various streets of time which led to Tyngsboro and settlements
252-a house has been demolished in Dec. 1967 to build a new house — Deerfield garrison style
275-research information on 1 Academy Street, house in which he lives, found records regarding land in the area, Great Rock was the outcropping of rock mentioned previously in tape
340-explains parts of this house, North Road and Academy Street

End of interview
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