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Daniel P. Byam, March 1865

Wednesday March 1st, 1865

Was up town with S. and K. I went to the quartermaster's forge with orders. Mail came down river. Received a letter from Everett and Lysander. Very warm.

Thursday, March 2nd, 1865

Was up town with S. Saw Gen. Canby and K. Some of the crowd are going tomorrow. Don't know but we shall. Our rations ordered to be cooked. Had to go up to Headquarters Dept. of Gulf on several errands. Written to Lysander. Warm.

Friday, March 3rd, 1865

Very hot. Received a letter from Mother; written to her. The Cromwell came in. Received the box; everything was in good order but the apples were most all rotten. I am glad I have such kind friends at home. Hope they will be spared that I may return to them once more. Report that we go today.

Saturday, March 4th, 1865

Was up town. Big day for New Orleans. Anniversary of the Firemen; 31 companies were out the first time since the war commenced. More women than one could shake a stick at, and good looking ones, too. Very warm.

Sunday, March 5th, 1865

Beautiful day. Had a splendid ride this afternoon; rode towards the battle ground, passed the field where A. G. Smith's army are encamped. Met Wallace, then we had a bully race; division of Smith's army passed by toward the lake bound for Ft. Morgan. Hope to go soon. Written to Mother. Went to church, to Newman's. A bully sermon. He talked not only of the patriotism of the women of the Bible, but those of the present day. The Rebel women caught it pretty hard. It was nice.

Monday, March 6th, 1865

Was up town all day. Strong has been relieved. We expect to go Wednesday. General Canby and staff went to Fort Gaines today. Bought me a martingale [a device for steadying a horse's head].

Tuesday, March 7th, 1865

Getting ready to leave; up town most all day. Been in a devil of a stew. Shall send this to Lysander.

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