Chelmsford Historical Society
Daniel P. Byam, March 1864

March 31st, 1864

Went to Boston with three others for the purpose of enlisting in the Signal Corps; for some great reason they could not get enlisted and were mustered in that night. Am bound to go! although not knowing anyone, still one can find as good friends as he takes with him, and oftentimes better. Stopped that night with Lysander [half-brother of Daniel, born in Chelmsford on November 26, 1837]; went home the next day. After bidding the Folks and Old Friends good-bye, I left Monday, April 4th, for Boston; Father went down with me. After bidding Father and Lysander goodbye I left for Beach St. Barracks, where we were to assemble. I found 80 boys there. We soon left for the Providence Depot; left Boston for Georgetown, D. C., at 5 1/2 had a very pleasant ride; all were happy and enjoying themselves.

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