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The Brackett family was from Wales. Capt. Richard Bracket, born 1610, was a member of the Boston Church in 1631/2, dismissed to the Braintree Church, Oct. 5, 1641. He is also mentioned in the petition for land, Oct. 1, 1645, along with Edward Spalding; Richard's brother, Peter, born 1612, Deputy & Magistrate, also lived in Braintree. See also, The Pioneers of Massachusetts, Pope, 1900 and the Brackett Genealogy by H. I. Brackett

Richard Brackett was the progenitor of this family of Richard and Alice (Blower) Brackett. John Brackett was baptized May 7, 1637. John Brackett was born in Braintree and moved to Billerica about 1660. He first married Hannah French, Sept. 6, 1661. Hannah was the daughter of William French of Billerica. Hannah (French) Brackett died May 9, 1674, on the day her daughter Sarah was born. John second married Ruth (Morse) Ellice May 31, 1675; she was the widow of Joseph Ellice (also spelled Ellis). Ruth was born in Dedham, MA on June 3, 1637, Dedham, MA, the daughter of John and Annis (Chickering) Morse. John Brackett resided in Billerica, MA where he was allotted land in 1660. This land adjoined land of his brother, Peter. John Brackett became a freeman in 1670; died Mar. 18, 1687. After his death, Ruth and four younger children went to Dedham to live. The following children were those of Hannah French:

1. Hannah, born Dec. 1, 1662; married Joseph Bass.

2. Elizabeth, born June 7, 1664; married Daniel Draper.

3. Mary, born Feb. 12, 1665; married Edward Spaulding.

4. Sarah, born Dec. 11, 1667; d. before 1674.

5. Rachael, born Sept. 30, 1669.

6. Abigail born, Dec. 31, 1670.

7. Bathsheba, born Mar. 10, 1672; died Apr. 24, 1673.

8. Samuel, born Mar. 4, 1673.

9. Sarah, born May 9, 1674; died the same day, along with her mother.

The following children were those of Ruth (Morse) Ellice:

10. John Brackett b. 09 Jun 1676 died before 1680

11. Ebenezer Brackett b. 19 Oct 1677 married Abigail Heale

12. John Brackett b. 10 Dec 1680 married Rebecca ______?

13. Bethia Brackett b. 25 May 1682

"John Brackett's farm lay between two brooks, near their confluence and a highway, stood his house on the farm. John Bracket requesting of the Town a small skirt of Lande Lying between his hous and the highway on the East together with a small Angl of Land Lyinge acrosse the upper road way of Abot's Bridge and Simon Bund's fence, according to two trees already marked by Jonathan Danforth and so runninge to the hiter corner bounde marl of John Durants hous Lott," the Towne grant his request, provided John Bracket at his owne charge shall make a good and sufficient Bridge over that durty place (called Abot's bridge) both watter coarse and all bad way on each side so far as needful which sufficient way shall be judged and accpeted of by the present surveyors and the work to be done by the said John Bracket by the last of the nexte month ensuing or else grant to be void." -- New England Marriages Prior to 1700, Clarence Almon Torrey.

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